Pantry Styles for Every Kitchen Design

We all wish we had just a bit more storage in our kitchens, right?! The counter top looks like a shelf at Target, complete with an espresso maker, toaster oven, crock pot, electric tea kettle, you name it! It would be so nice to have it all neatly stored away. 

If you're thinking about a kitchen remodel, pantries are a worthwhile amenity to consider when planning your kitchen design. Pantries typically feature a combination of open space to store larger items and shelving but can be custom designed to suit your space and cooking needs. Additionally, pantries offer numerous benefits to the modern homeowner including:


It goes without saying that a pantry offers plenty of additional storage space. Cluttered kitchens look messy, and no one wants to eat food from a messy (think dirty) kitchen! The pantry is the perfect place to store bulk goods and large kitchen gadgets, like ice cream makers, mixers, crock pots, and juicers. Moving these appliances into a pantry will help you make the most of your available kitchen space, from countertops to kitchen cabinets. A large pantry also offers space to store extra pots and pans, or anything you do not need to have stored within arms’ reach of your cooking area.

Add to this the benefit of dedicated and customized food storage that a pantry offers. The heart of a kitchen is food, and preparing your favorite dishes requires a selection of ingredients readily available.  Your kitchen pantry can hold all your non-perishable food items in specially designed shelves and pull outs, making every item easy to view and access.


A well-organized home is a happy one! Don't worry about skipping meal prep because you can't find anything in filled to the brim kitchen cabinets; now, all your spices, appliances, cooking utensils, boxed and canned food items are neatly stored in one space.


If organization and storage don't make you want a pantry, consider how it will benefit you when it comes time to sell your house. A kitchen design complete with a pantry appeals to many buyers – from those who love to cook to young couples with small children - and can increase the value of your home. If you're planning a kitchen renovation, consider the many advantages of adding a pantry to your design!

Your kitchen pantry could be incorporated into a section of your main kitchen cabinets, or it could be a separate space from the main kitchen area.  This could include a newly created walk-in pantry, or a repurposed adjacent closet, underutilized hallway, or any space situated next to the kitchen design. 

Below are different types of kitchen pantries that may work well for you:

Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

When it comes to pantries, bigger isn’t always better. Cabinet pantries are incorporated into your kitchen cabinets. They come in a multitude of sizes, but most often, they're taller than traditional cabinets, and can be customized with drawers and various shelving options. By integrating creative cabinetry storage components, like mounted spice racks or narrow pull-outs for canned goods, you can create more functional space than a walk-in pantry!

Corner Pantry

Corner pantries contain ample storage for all your cooking necessities and don’t impede the flow of traffic. These are a great option for individuals who love to cook, as they can be easily incorporated into the kitchen work triangle. 

Walk-In Pantry

Walk-in pantries are a chef’s delight! There’s generous storage available, with plenty of space to incorporate shelving for cookbooks, snacks, and appliances to drawers for utensils and linens. This walk-in pantry includes roll-out shelves and motion censored lighting.

Butler's Pantry

If entertaining is your true passion, then a butler’s pantry may be on your renovation wish list! A butler’s pantry is traditionally located off the kitchen or dining room. Unlike a walk-in pantry, it includes countertops to store and stage meals and kitchen cabinets for storing fine china, serving pieces, wine glasses, and other items used in the dining rooms. Some incorporate sinks, dishwashers, and mini fridges for ease.

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