Incorporate Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety into a Remodel

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If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time preparing food for your loved ones, then a new kitchen will probably put you on cloud nine. Remodeling a kitchen will make it look nicer and have more functionality but it can also be a good opportunity to upgrade its safety. The kitchen is one of the more dangerous rooms in your house so here are a few things to keep in mind when remodeling in order to make it a safer working space.

Burns and fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the No. 1 cause of home fires in the US is cooking. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to protect yourself so make sure you plan ahead and take the necessary steps to minimize the risks of fire. Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish and prevent the spread of fire and they are the best option. However, there are many types available and you should definitely inquire with a professional about the options that work best for you.

Another way to keep a fire from spreading is to keep it away from flammable objects. Therefore, when planning the layout for your kitchen, make sure to position the hooks for potholders, mitts, and aprons away from the range. Oils and other food that can easily catch fire should also be a safe distance away from a fire. It's not recommended to keep chemicals used for cleaning in the kitchen, but if you don't have other storage options, at least make sure they are as far away from heat as possible since some of them are flammable.

The gas cooker deserves a special mention. It's a very valuable tool as it provides open fire to your kitchen for a really good price. But while useful, the open fire is also dangerous so make sure you read the manual when installing it and follow all the safety instructions.

Plan ahead


The kitchen is an area with a lot of traffic so make sure to plan ahead for it. Think about the places that will be the busiest when cooking and make sure there are no things to bump against. Also, avoid putting the range near the entrance where other people are more likely to walk next to it.

The floor itself needs to be slip-resistant so make sure you cover it with the proper tiles designed for kitchens or go for matte-finished wood or laminate. Also, plan ahead and purchase cleaning chemicals with good grease-removal and slip-resistance properties.

The two main things necessary for a functional kitchen are electricity and water but the two don't get along very well so keep them a safe distance away from each other.

Waste disposal

The kitchen can produce a lot of waste so make sure you plan the waste storage and disposal accordingly. Food waste should be stored in tightly lit containers that don't let odor out, and positioned near the exit so it's faster and easier to remove.


A new kitchen is a good opportunity to consider an extra insurance plan. You should always try to prevent disasters but accidents do happen hence a house & contents insurance is a great idea to keep your home safe. There are many options to choose from when ensuring your home, such as fire, flood, theft, earthquakes etc. Insurance does not only mean protection for the stuff in your home but also for yourself as it offers temporary accommodation as well as counseling sessions.



Lighting is often overlooked by amateur cooks but it's an important aspect to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Good lighting will make preparing food much easier but it also provides a safer working environment. It can prevent accidents by giving you a good overview of the working area and is also much healthier for your eyes. So make sure you have enough lighting and at the right spot. The type of lights is also important and LED is a good option as it's long-lasting and easy on the eyes.

Safety is important, especially when it comes to the place we live in. Remodeling the kitchen is a good opportunity to improve the security for yourself and the ones you love. So use these tips and plan your kitchen with safety in mind.