Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Yardley Home

Located in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Yardley is nestled on the banks of the Delaware River. This picturesque spot is the perfect place to take in the scenery of the river or Lake Afton, jog or bike on the canal path, or enjoy a nice meal. Lang’s Kitchen & Bath has been serving the residents of Yardley and surrounding areas for nearly four decades.

We are excited to share what’s trending among Yardley homeowners who have recently completed a bathroom remodel!

Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs are an elegant addition to any bathroom design in Yardley. These tubs are designed to be walked around on all sides, which requires a little more space than a traditional bathtub, but also allows you more flexibility with placement in the newly remodeled space.

Additionally, these tubs can be used to create a dramatic focal point, like this Oceania free standing tub in this Yardley master bathroom.

This free standing tub, sits below the window for ultimate relaxation in this stylish bathroom remodel.

Rainfall Showerheads

Rainfall showerheads are a popular alternative to traditional shower heads. Mounted on the shower ceiling, rather than the wall, they have a wider head than traditional ones with a concentrated stream and many different nozzles and settings to choose from. Now, you can have the most luxurious water experience without visiting a fancy resort or day spa.

Throughout the years, Lang’s Kitchen & Bath has installed rainfall showerheads in numerous bathroom renovations in Yardley proper and throughout Bucks County. This stylish bathroom below left features a rainfall and handheld showerhead, within a large glass enclosure; while this rainfall showerhead below right attaches to the wall, eliminating the need to move or install additional plumbing.

Make-Up Station

Ladies, there is NEVER enough light to put on (or space to store, for that matter) your cosmetics. Until now, that is. If getting dolled up for a fancy evening or trying out different eye shadow looks is one of your passions, consider incorporating a make-up station in your Yardley, PA bathroom remodel. This Yardley homeowner incorporated a customized make-up console, complete with plenty of storage to hold make-up and supplies, counter space to spread out all of your products (including all those eye shadow palettes), and adjustable mirrors so you can get the view you need!

Concrete Sinks

Concrete – it’s not just for patios and walkways. It has evolved into one of the most highly used material sources for kitchen and bathroom sinks, and this trend is coming to bathroom designs in Yardley. Concrete sinks can be used in any bathroom design aesthetic as they can be constructed into nearly any size, shape, color, and surface texture that you desire. This bathroom design in Yardley features a modern looking concrete sink, which enhances the European feel.

Mosaic Tile

When we hear “mosaic tile” our minds might go directly to artistic decorations in ornate palaces, which you may not think would work in a clean, sleek bathroom design. These tiles are in fact multipurpose and ideal for bathroom renovations. You can use them to create exotic or intricate designs on the floor or wall, to enhance simpler tile, as faux wallpaper or as a focal point in the shower or floor.

Many of Lang’s clients choose to use beautiful and bright tile in their space. This unique bathroom design at the right incorporates mosaic tile as a decorative border and features a colorful focal point in the shower.

While these homeowners opted to use the tile to highlight the shower and backsplash in the bathroom pictured below.

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