Be Your Own Home Barista

For those of us who love coffee, it is usually the first item on our agenda in the kitchen each morning. Most of us rely on our hot cup of joe to start the day but it’s also a savior as a pick-me-up in the afternoons, for a mid-morning break while reading a book, and as a treat when friends drop by. It’s the perfect end to a dinner party and a can perk up a sleepy student studying for exams. If you’re going to drink good coffee, why not enjoy it in the best way possible and set up a beverage bar in your kitchen design with all latest storage options and accessories.

 A beverage station can be any shape or size, depending on space you have available in your kitchen design.  By adding a purpose-built beverage bar, you also free up a kitchen cabinet since you are relocating your storage for cups, glassware, drinks and mixers. A countertop with a coffee machine, dedicated sink, dishwasher and refrigerator is the ultimate bar and best factored into a kitchen remodel. A beverage bar on this scale will handle your requirements from the first cup of coffee in the morning to an afternoon espresso and drinks with friends that evening.  It becomes the ideal work station to manage beverages for guests for any occasion.

However, if your priorities are just a great cup of coffee, this is manageable on a smaller scale, and can fit easily into your existing kitchen design. Whether you are installing a full beverage station or just a coffee corner, it’s best to keep this away from the main cooking area so everyone can access beverages without interfering with the busy work of the kitchen.

Whatever your available space, here are a few ideas for creating a coffee station that will turn you into an expert home barista:

Install a mini fridge under free counter space and store milk for lattes as well as sodas for the kids, plus wine or beer for the grown-ups.

Built-in coffee makers are an excellent investment. As well as slotting into your kitchen design, they’re connected to the plumbing to provide water on tap. If you want to see one in action, stop by our Newtown, PA kitchen design showroom and let us offer you a delicious cup of coffee from this built-in Wolf coffee maker.

Wolf coffee maker

Storage is key and there are several ways to tackle this.  Tea, hot chocolate, coffee beans, grinders, cups, syrups, marshmallows and anything else for hot drinks can be stored on shelving which can then be covered with a pull-down cover or behind cabinet doors. The result is a beverage station that you can close off for a sleek effect.  Drawers with customized storage inserts are also ideal for keeping track of your selection of coffee pods and herbal teas.

If you take your coffee seriously, what equipment do you need to be a home barista? Plan what you require and then work with your kitchen design expert to include storage and workspace for your ideal coffee station. 

  • A super automatic espresso machine does everything for you.

  • A semi-automatic one gets you involved in the brewing process, but this means you’ve more control over the end product. A coffee grinder and tamper (to compress the grounds) are essential. Invest as much as you can in these as it will result in better coffee.

  • After that, there are plenty of other accessories to up your game. A weighing scales for beans, a thermometer, pitcher and frother for perfect water and milk, a knockbox to put used grounds in, a tamping mat to protect your countertop and dosing tools to measure and adjust quantities. Stencils, to shake chocolate or cinnamon over give your coffees that final barista touch.

  • The right cups make a difference, such as tall latte glasses or porcelain espresso cups. You may want to include glass-front kitchen cabinets or open storage if you want to display decorative glasses and cups

Why not look at our kitchen remodeling gallery for ideas on how you could set up your beverage bar or include it in a remodel. Stop by our showroom today where our kitchen experts are happy to advise you on any area of kitchen design. Being your own home barista could just be the start of your tailor made, dream kitchen.