Style and Substance: Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

When deciding on your new bathroom design, do you have to choose either a stylish bathroom vanity or a practical bathroom storage solution?  The answer is no!  Your choice of bathroom vanity can set the tone for your bathroom renovation while also providing a much-needed purpose-built storage solution.  

When choosing a vanity, consider both the size of your bathroom as well as the amount and type of storage space you require.  Then select a vanity unit that meets these requirements and also will help you define the style of your new bathroom design.

There is a vanity to suit every household’s space and storage needs.  For example, double vanities provide extra storage and personal space when a tall cabinet is installed between the two bathroom sinks.  This is perfect for a bathroom used regularly by more than one member of the household. Vanities come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom designed to suit any space in your new bathroom design.  

Your designer can help you identify all of the small details that should be included in your vanity for your bathroom remodel project, such as whether the members of the household are left-handed or right-handed, how many people will typically be using the bathroom, and the type of storage required in the bathroom.  The type of vanity you select also will be determined by whether the bathroom is intended as a family bathroom, master bath, guest bath, or powder room.

Try to incorporate customized storage solutions into your bathroom design to meet the specific needs of your household: a vanity with pull-out organizers, drawer dividers and built-in laundry areas helps maximize storage space in the bathroom while keeping it neat and organized.  You might consider including electricity in the cabinet if you keep hairdryers or other electrical items on hand.

You can use your bathroom vanity to make a style statement while also providing great storage space.  A floating vanity, an open vanity unit, or a unique furniture grade vanity can still meet your storage requirements while also setting the tone for your bathroom style.   Whether your space is contemporary or classic, your bathroom design professional can help you find the perfect vanity to complete your next bathroom renovation.