What You Should Know About Walk-in Showers In 2019

Having your bathroom remodeled can be an exciting home project. Many homeowners want more than just a space where they can wash off or go to the bathroom. If you work hard, you especially want the main bath in your home to be a retreat from the rest of the world where you can relax while forgetting about your worries and problems.

The first decision you have to make is about your shower and tub area or areas. We are careful to write “area” or “areas” because one decision will be whether you have a combined tub and shower or separate. Some homeowners prefer a shower area that's separate from a bathtub. This can be done in the style where there's a door or curtain enclosure as part of the shower, or it can be what's called a “walk-in” shower.

Exactly What Is a Walk-in Shower?

This is a type of shower that has no tub but that also has no door or curtain required to use it. Such showers are typically at least partially separated from the rest of the bathroom with a half-wall or pane of glass to keep water from splashing everywhere when in use.


Advantages of a Walk-in Shower

When you Google images of a walk-in shower, one telling feature is their accessibility. With no tub, there's little to no border between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom to have to step over to get in the shower. This can be extremely helpful for the elderly or for someone who is disabled.

Another benefit of this type of shower is that the open design gives your bathroom a look of having more space. This is one reason that these are fairly common in modern shower designs. This feeling of more space is especially true when the partial barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom is glass. Remember, though, that if you use glass, the tiles lining your shower walls will be readily visible to everyone entering your bathroom, so go with a stylish tile coloring and pattern.

To a lesser extent, there's the simple yet practical consideration of less to be worried about. Without a shower door, you don't have to worry about it breaking or its hinges coming loose. Similarly, shower curtains can get moldy over time, so it will be nice knowing you won't have to concern yourself with routinely cleaning or replacing one.


Finding Your Ideal Walk-in Shower

Perhaps you think you want to give a walk-in shower a try in your bathroom. As with most home remodeling projects, you'll probably be living with any changes you make for quite some time, so you want to be sure about the design, material, color and other choices inherent in a project like this.

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